Who We Are

Studio Lux is an internationally recognized architectural lighting design firm. In our portfolio of world-class hospitality, civic, museum and artwork, retail, residential and commercial spaces, Studio Lux balances the artistry and technology of illumination to deliver exceptional design. We believe the practice of effective lighting design is not just for large iconic projects. It is as important for a favorite room of a residence as it is for a luxury office tower or educational facility. We never lose sight of the human condition and how lighting impacts mood, feeling and perception.

Why Lighting Design Matters

Lighting is the reason we favor one room in a house over another, why we’re more comfortable in some offices than others and why we enjoy the experience of shopping in one store over another.

The impact of lighting is often subconscious but always powerful. It can be energizing, relaxing, inviting, even provocative and it can dramatically affect our mood.

Lighting design is a process that goes beyond the selection of fixtures and use of technology.  It is about the interaction of shape, space, color and texture with light to create meaningful and comfortable experiences.

How We Work

Our design team begins each new project with an understanding of client goals and how they intend to use and move through the space. Before we design, we listen. We embrace a concept-to-completion approach that is responsive to architecture, lifestyle and the environment. Our objective is to articulate a client’s vision, a goal we achieve by utilizing state-of-the-art software for the design process, documentation, and calculations, supporting an optimal solution with a mindfulness of field conditions, schedule and budget. We believe firmly in creating future solutions today and applying emerging sustainable design innovations, allowing us to care for the environment for generations to come.


Studio Lux embraces a “concept-to-completion” philosophy. Our design experts approach each lighting project as a team, navigating through challenges and providing detailed plans and renderings to fully communicate the concept and articulate the client’s vision.

Our services include:
  • Design Consultation
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Analysis
  • Energy Evaluation
  • Point by Point Light Level Calculations
  • Fixture Budget Analysis
  • Construction Administration
  • Final Focus and Aiming
  • Lighting Control Scene Orchestration
  • Art Lighting Consultation