Christopher Thompson


Founder & Principal

Whether working under the rain-drenched skies of Seattle, the desert sun of Palm Springs California or the street lights of Paris, Christopher Thompson and his team at Studio Lux embrace a common goal on all their projects, the successful interplay of light and the human condition.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Christopher began his career in live theater where he became fascinated by the relationship between light and emotion, and the way subtle changes in stage lighting could dramatically shift audience perceptions.  Christopher went on to train in theatrical lighting techniques, which culminated in his role as lighting director for an opera company tour.

Christopher then took the unusual step of pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in construction. This skill set, assimilating both the arts and the sciences in his approach to lighting, is rare among his peers. He is uniquely poised to embrace newly evolving lighting technology and practice the artistic application of his trade within the architectural and design community.

Christopher has also been elected into the Board of Trustees and is on the Preservation Committee of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.  Established by Wright in 1940, the Foundation is deeply committed to preserving its two National Historic Landmarks, Taliesin and Taliesin West, for future generations, and inspiring society though an understanding and experience of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas, architecture and design.

Successfully marrying the fundamentals of engineering with the emotional exploration of fine arts has becomes the hallmark of the Studio Lux team. Christopher is known for his remarkable ability to deliver stunning results in the face of complex challenges on projects through-out the world. The recipient of more than a dozen industry awards and honors, Christopher continues to keep Studio Lux ahead of an ever-evolving technology curve.